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Rebecca Peters

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Rebecca won the University Medal in 2014. Read about her here:

Sagar Vora

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Since graduating the ISF program in May 2014, Sagar’s been working as a Investment Banking Analyst at the Australian Investment Bank, Macquarie Capital in New York City (part of the larger Macquarie Group Limited). He currently focuses on assisting companies raise capital through both debt and equity securities, alongside providing advisory services (specifically concerning mergers and acquisitions, and other special situation capacities). Sagar covers companies within the telecommunications, media, and technology space (“TMT”). At Berkeley, Sagar Co-Founded Enactus Consulting, a student run strategic consulting organization for local and non-profit businesses, […]

Patrick Waldrop

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Patrick graduated in 2014 and writes: I decided to pursue a degree in ISF because I wanted to let my curiosity be my guide during my time at Berkeley. It was a great experience and I would recommend it for anyone who wants a meaningful challenge. I took courses in Sociology, Media, Engineering, Cognitive Science, and Information and each enriched my understanding of my thesis. This Fall I will be starting at UCLA as an MFA candidate in the Producers Program at the renowned School of Theater, Film, and Television. […]