Admission to the ISF Major is not automatic.  In order to be considered, the student must first contact the Student Academic Advisor who will direct the student to an ISF faculty adviser. The application form, available outside of the Student Academic Adviser’s office or on the web page here – ISF Application, allows the student to develop in 750 words her/his Research Program. Applications to the major must be submitted to an ISF faculty adviser via email based on prevailing COVID-19 restrictions. The applications are then reviewed by the ISF faculty advisory board. Drop-in advising hours for ISF faculty advisers are posted on the ISF bulletin board outside the Student Academic Adviser’s office and online at should expect a two to three week turnaround time on application processing. 

Given current COVID-19 restrictions, applications to the major may be submitted via email to ISF faculty advisors AFTER the student research project has been approved by an ISF faculty advisor (Bhandari, Kelkar, Quamruzzaman, or Xu).

Optional application workshops will take place via Zoom during the fall 2021 semester. Times are TBD.

Students who have senior standing (more than 90 units, excluding AP credit) will not be allowed to apply to the major unless they are changing their major or pursuing a double major. Final acceptance into the major will be contingent on being able to finish the ISF major within L&S change of major and double major guidelines. 

Note that the 90-unit maximum does not take into account in-progress units at the time of application. 

As part of the application process, students must prepare a statement describing their proposed Research Program (described in the Student Handbook) and a tentative list of courses for the Course of Study. With the counsel of the Student Academic Adviser and faculty adviser, ISF majors fill out a worksheet to plan their Research Program. The worksheet sets up an effective program for completion of the major and other college/campus requirements while allowing room for participation in such enrichment opportunities as education abroad, research, field work, or completion of a minor. Students, including those transferring from other institutions, are encouraged to fulfill prerequisites and to apply to the ISF major by the end of the first semester of their junior year. (