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UC Berkeley


Emily Cohen

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Emily will begin her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at USC in the Fall of 2015 and may continue for a third year to receive a Ph.D. As part of her admission package, Emily has been awarded a research opporunity in the Pediatric Department with Professor Sharon Cermak. Emily summarizes her 2014 thesis: In 1975 the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, addressed the inaccessibility of education for children with disabilities by requiring that all children with disabilities be provided a free appropriate public education (FAPE) (Individuals with Disability Education […]

Tali Gires

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While also winning the Florence Palmer Prize in Political Science in 2014 for her work on NGOs, Tali wrote her ISF thesis on constructions of gender relations among different ethnicities living in rural communities in the San Martin region of Peru in order to understand how gender and ethnicity play a role in survival strategies for these communities and how gender and ethnic constructions relate to the development of economic and political structures. Based on fieldwork conducted in this region, she analyzed the ways in which these mestizo and indigenous […]

Kamyar Jarazadeh

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Kamyar was awarded the Department Citation in 2014 and the prestigious Clarendon Fellowship given to only the most distinguished graduate students across the disciplines at Oxford. He writes: ISF has been a springboard for all of my past and ongoing projects. I’ve had the great opportunity to be be a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) scholar, allowing me to travel to Turkey to complete my ethnographic fieldwork and publish in the Berkeley Undergraduate Journal. I will be attending Oxford in Fall 2014, and undertaking the MSc program in Migration Studies. […]

Eviane Leidig

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Having graduated in Spring of 2014, Eviane then received her Master’s at the University of Bristol in the UK before joining the newly founded Center for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo ( as their first PhD fellow this autumn. Her research project, ‘The Paradox of Hindu Right-Wing Extremism: Populist Discourse, Elitist Support, is the first in-depth study of Hindu right-wing ideology in the extremism field. Eviane previously studied abroad at King’s College London AY 2012-13, during which time she interned at a political non-profit, ENGAGE, which aims […]

Leilani Main

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Kelly Leilani Main graduated in Spring of 2014, and has been accepted for the Master’s in Urban Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the Fall of 2016. After transferring to Cal in Fall of 2012, she worked extensively with the Olive Tree Initiative’s efforts to bring a conversation around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to campus and developed the Art for Social Change deCal, a political printmaking workshop. After traveling to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan in the Summer of 2013, she became deepy interested in urban planning […]

Megan Majd

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After finishing her thesis on indigenous rights in a comparative context in 2014, Megan began as a John Gardner Fellow. Each year a total of six Fellows are selected, three from UC Berkeley and three from Stanford University. Megans internship goal was to change the culture around how people see issues related to environmental justice, by finding innovative ways to educate people and to change the systems that perpetuate problems associated with environmental justice through systematic policy change. Currently, Megan is working with the Natural Resources Defense Council. She splits […]

Rebecca Peters

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Rebecca won the University Medal in 2014. Read about her here:

Sagar Vora

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Since graduating the ISF program in May 2014, Sagar’s been working as a Investment Banking Analyst at the Australian Investment Bank, Macquarie Capital in New York City (part of the larger Macquarie Group Limited). He currently focuses on assisting companies raise capital through both debt and equity securities, alongside providing advisory services (specifically concerning mergers and acquisitions, and other special situation capacities). Sagar covers companies within the telecommunications, media, and technology space (“TMT”). At Berkeley, Sagar Co-Founded Enactus Consulting, a student run strategic consulting organization for local and non-profit businesses, […]

Patrick Waldrop

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Patrick graduated in 2014 and writes: I decided to pursue a degree in ISF because I wanted to let my curiosity be my guide during my time at Berkeley. It was a great experience and I would recommend it for anyone who wants a meaningful challenge. I took courses in Sociology, Media, Engineering, Cognitive Science, and Information and each enriched my understanding of my thesis. This Fall I will be starting at UCLA as an MFA candidate in the Producers Program at the renowned School of Theater, Film, and Television. […]

Christopher Adcock

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A Fall 2014 graduate, Christopher is now pursuing concurrent MD/MPH degrees at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Chris wrote a comprehensive senior thesis on the dangers that the use of lead bullets poses to hunters and their families. He was a national semi-finalist for the William V. Campbell Trophy (Academic Heisman), selected for the PAC12 All-Academic first team three times, and listed as the second smartest player in college football in 2014 on Chris is also 2015 Oscar Geballe Post-Graduate Scholarship winner. Chris also […]