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Campus Resources

Office of Undergraduate Research Listserv

Research opportunities and resources for undergraduates (

UCB Faculty Expertise Database

Search faculty research profiles by using research interest or expertise keywords.…

Informed Consent (Human Subjects Protocol Approval)

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GPA calculator

Calculate your GPA using an online GPA calculator.

L&S Advising

The college advisors in the Office of Undergraduate Advising (OUA) can help you plan your academic program, suggest enrichment opportunities, check your progress toward a degree, and explain academic policies and requirements. For more information, visit their web site.

Graduate School

Please visit the UC Berkeley Career Center for more information about Graduate School opportunities for Interdisciplinary Studies majors. Also see this step by step by step resource for each year of your undergraduate education on how to prepare for graduate school.

Career Center

Visit the UC Berkeley Career Center now for job search assistance. You can also view the results of the UCB Career Center’s “What Can I Do With a Major In”  annual Career Destinations Survey for more information about marketing your ISF degree.