UC Berkeley

Advisory Board

  • Clair Brown, Economics: Office hours – TBA
  • Whitney Davis, Art History: Office hours – Wednesdays 2:30 – 4 (student sign-ups are through WeJoinIn link on the departmental website).
  • Brad DeLong, Economics: Office hours – Tu Th 10-11 Blum Hall 200G. Sign-up here
  • Neil Fligstein, Sociology: Office hours – TBA
  • Amy Garlin, Public Health: Office hours – By appointment.
  • Erin Murphy-Graham, Education. Office hours – 2-3 on Mondays or by appointment. Sign up here
  • Donna Jones, English: Office Hours – Mondays, 12-2PM.
  • Massimmo Mazzotti, History: Office Hours – Mondays 2-3; please email Prof. Mazzotti in advance as slots fill quickly.
  • Ramona Naddaff, Rhetoric: Office hours – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30-6:00
  • Jonathan Simon, Law, Legal Studies.
  • Chenxi Tang, German: Office Hours by appointment.
  • Leti Volpp, Law