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UC Berkeley


Sophia Batchelor

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The title of Sophia’s thesis was “What Is Real? Tracking Implicit Memory Acquisition and the Implications of Virtual Reality.” Her accolades as an ISF major include the Inspire Foundation Grant, UK Doctoral Scholarship, and the Queens Scholarship. She also served as a Research Assistant in the Center for Augmented Cognition and the Keltner Lab. After initially starting at NewPathVR, a VR company focusing on the development of VR applications for mental health, Sophia went on to complete internships for Y Combinator backed startups, finishing her tenure there by having her […]

Sean Cleary

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As an ISF major, Sean was able to take his love for music and combine it with his passion for business and law in a major that reflected his interests and gave him a significant advantage during his job search. Sean says the multidimensional nature of the music industry complements the ISF major extremely well. It allowed him to extract information gleaned from business, law, economics, and sociology courses to write a thesis on the significant impacts of music streaming on the music industry, an area of research which has […]

Katrina Fadrilan

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A 2019 graduate, Katrina’s thesis title was “The Effects of Community Education Nonprofits on Social Inequities and Marginalized Students.” Her research focused on the approaches and structures of several community education nonprofits and various forms of education public policies, analyzing how they affected their target beneficiaries and combatted educational and social disparities. During her tenure at UC Berkeley she won the Hikoyeda Scholarship, Calmerton Scholarship, and the Goldaracena Scholarship. She also studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, and wrote for The Daily Californian and had had articles published on The San […]