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UC Berkeley


Silvia Bruckback

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Having graduated in 2013, Silvia was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the National Honor Society. Siliva will be entering Georgetown Law School in 2017. She received her BA in ISF: Human Rights, Law and Social Justice and African Diaspora Studies and a minor in Disability Studies. As an undergraduate she completed two honors theses in addition to serving as an intern and then TA for both the Health Service Internship and Field Study Internship, and as the University of California in DC Student Director. She interned at the […]

Catrina Gotuaco

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After graduating from UC Berkeley in May 2013, Catrina pursued her interest in mental health research, and secured an internship as a research assistant for Dr. Nolan Zane at the Asian American Center for Disparities Research (AACDR). She contributed to a publication on cultural adaptations to psychotherapy, and participated in the planning and piloting stages of a study on the construct of face concern, which is known to impact mental health treatment processes among persons of Asian/Asian-American ethnicity. Catrina writes: Coursework in my ISF area of concentration of Education and […]

Hannah Jones

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Hannah titled her Fall 2013 thesis: Expanding the Mind: Leadership for the 21st Century and provides us with this abstract: Advances in the fields of neural science and cognitive psychology have changed the way leadership development can be conceived of and implemented. The research on adult cognitive psychological development provides extensive evidence for the benefits of brain-based training as the solution to our current leadership crisis. Complex challenges of the postmodern world call for much more than technical capacities and skills, they demand that leaders be able think broadly and […]

Elizabeth Kopaskie

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Elizabeth Kopaskie graduated in May 2013 and will start working towards a Master’s Degree in the Department of Social Welfare at the University of Washington in the Fall of 2015. Elizabeth’s thesis was titled “Patient Empowerment: Promoting Biosocial Groups and Productivity in the Face of Biopower.” It explored patient empowerment theories and protocols in England, Denmark, and the United States, and analyzed these protocols largely through the lens of Michel Foucault’s theory of biopower. After graduation, she began working for Seneca Family of Agencies, a non-profit organization focused on youth […]

Lorna Porter

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Lorna who graduated with Department Citation in 2013 will begin her Master’s in International Education at UC Davis in the Fall of 2015, on a full merit scholarship. Lorna writes about her ISF experience: ISF has helped me approach every situation with a multi-disciplinary approach, and with the confidence that I can create my own path. ISF taught me that those that are willing to work outside the system are often those who create impactful change. I absolutely loved working on an honors thesis, one that focused on the integration […]