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UC Berkeley


Gary Wren

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Research Interests: Technology & Society; Development Studies; Social/Political Theory. Publications: On Technology and Society.

Robert Ehrlich

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Research Interests: Social Psychology; Psychoanalytic Theory; American Literature. Publications: On American Literature, Psychoanalytic Theory and related fields.

Renate Holub

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Research Interests: Evolution of predominant knowledge and morality traditions in political philosophy, international relations theory, international law; Multicultural Rights in Europe and North America; Human Rights and Islam; critical theory; feminist theory; globalization and intellectuals. Publications: Gramsci; Gramsci, Benjamin, Polanyi; Feminism; Theory of intellectuals; Multicultural Europe; Euro-Islam; European intellectual history; sociology of knowledge; Human Rights.

Earl Klee

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Research Interests: Politics & Political Economy; Political/Social Theory; Modern War. Publications: On American Politics, Democracy, Citizenship.

Peter Sahlins

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Professor Sahlins received his B.A. from Harvard, his Ph.D. in History from Princeton (1986), and has taught in the History Department at Berkeley since 1989. His research interests include the history of early modern France and Europe; boundaries and borderlands in Europe since the sixteenth century; immigration, nationality, and citizenship in pre-modern Europe; environmental history (especially forests); and the history of animal-human relations. He has served on endless departmental and university committees, and was Director of the France-Berkeley Fund (1992-2002), Founding Director of the UCEAP Paris Study Center (2002-2005), and […]