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Rakesh Bhandari

Rakesh Bhandari
Associate Director - Ph.D., UC Berkeley
267 Evans Hall

Research Interests: Critical Theory, Classical social and political theory, Heterodox political economy, Theories of the Self and the Posthuman in the Age of AI and Biotechnology. Rakesh's diverse interests come out of graduate studies in Political Theory at Harvard where he began his graduate work, Comparative Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley where he wrote his disseration, and the History of Science at Princeton University where he studied the history of Social Darwinism. He has also worked at a microprocessor firm and served in the California Board of Education. 

Publications: "The Disguises of Wage Labour", Historical Materialism; On Luxury Spending in Science and Society; "On the Critique of Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man", International Journal of Political Economy; "Wage Labor and Slavery in History", Rethinking Marxism. Rakesh was recently an invited participant for a conference at the University of Minnesota on the interdisciplinary social science of the early Frankfurt School and participated on a panel on neo-liberalism at a conference sponsored by the Critical Theory Program at UC Berkeley. He was also a participant on a Blum Center panel on political economy. He has finished a draft of a book on the ethnic consequences of austerity policies.   


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Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2-3. 

Fridays 11-2 and by appointment.