Research and Bio

Amm Quamruzzaman

PhD, McGill
275 Evans

Dr. Quamruzzaman is a development and political sociologist with expertise on social policy and governance for development in the global South. His research interests include healthcare migration, health and development, technology and development, globalization and global inequality, ethnic conflict and state formation in Africa, Islamist and ethno-nationalist armed movements, political trust, and human (in)security in the contemporary world.


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Working papers:

Lange, Matthew and Amm Quamruzzaman. “Explaining National and Ethnic Identification in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Under review.

Quamruzzaman, Amm. “Equity and Health Implications of the International Migration of Healthcare Professionals in 20 Resource-Poor Countries.” Under review.

Quamruzzaman, Amm. “Why We Need a New Ethical Framework for Global Health Research.” Under review.

Quamruzzaman, Amm. “Economic Growth or Good Governance: Which is More Important in Reducing Poverty and Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa?”

Office Hours: 

Fall 2019 Office Hours: TuTh 12-1:30 PM