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UC Berkeley


Vrinda Agarwal - International Economic Development

Vrinda Agarwal previously interned at the White House and will start working full-time at Goldman Sachs as a Public Finance investment banking analyst after graduation this year (Spring 2015). She double majored in Political Science (Department Citation Winner) and ISF. Vrinda is very passionate about public service and leadership, and is a four-time recipient of the Cal Alumni Leadership Award. As a sophomore Vrinda co-founded the Big Ideas-winning non-profit organization 100 Strong, which serves to empower low income women through leadership development, mentorship, and entrepreneurship. 100 Strong has trained over 30 low-income middle school girls through over 40 mentors.Vrinda has served as 100 Strong’s CEO and Director of Management for two years. She has also recently launched her second NGO, the Delhi Shakti Project, which aims to combat Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Indian slums. She will continue to serve as the Delhi Shakti Project’s Executive Director after graduation.

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