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UC Berkeley


Sierra Alef-Defoe - Bioethics and Global Healthcare Law

Sierra Alef-Defoe completed her thesis on quality of life in pediatric cancer care in Spring 2015 following a course of study in global healthcare law. She has been admitted to Yale’s Summer Institute for Bioethics where she will continue her research on ethics in pediatric medicine.
During her time at Cal, Sierra spent a semester in Washington, D.C., where she edited a guide for newly diagnosed brain tumor patients for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. She also spent one summer in the South of France, where she interned in the French Department of Public Health and studied in an immersive French language setting. Sierra is spending her 4th year pursuing further studies and professional opportunities in Europe.
Sierra is a founding member of the Pink Polka Dots Guild, a Seattle-based non-profit that has raised almost $1 million for pediatric brain tumor research.

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