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Margaret Joy Perret - Science, Technology and Society

Meg was among the five finalists for the University Medal in 2015, and is currently a Ph.D. student in the History of Science program at Harvard. Meg wrote her senior thesis on the queer biological forms that life takes in the anthropocene and the limits of traditional thought in thinking through the challenge that they pose. The thesis was published in the Berkeley Undergraduate Journal 27(2). Meg also majored in Gender and Women’s Studies and Integrative Biology.
I believe that the process of producing knowledge is an inherently political process, she says. As a writer and thinker, I want to create scholarship that aligns with my feminist politics and contributes to a better world. UC Berkeley has empowered me pursue both intellectual rigor and social and ecological justice. UC Berkeley gave me the skill and confidence to be bold, creative and radical in my academic work. As such, I often find myself pushing the boundaries of who and what is legible in academic discourse. For me, this is a political project that has the potential to aid social movements.
Meg also remarks: My communities, especially queer women on campus, inspire me with their brilliance and vibrancy. They have taught me to that it takes courage to be vulnerable and strength to be tender. They inspire me to bring kindness and radical openness to everything I do.

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