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Fang Xu

269 Evans Hall

Dr. Xu is an urban sociologist with expertise on social inequality, language and cultural identity. Her dissertation research has encompassed research on globalization, displacement, and language endangerment. Her other research interests lie in urban studies, social stratification, consumption, China studies, nationalism, and immigration.


2017. “Chapter 12: Only Shanghainese Can Understand:Popularity of Vernacular Performance and Shanghainese Identity” in Revealing/Reveiling Shanghai: Cultural Representations from the 20th and 21st Centuries. (Eds.) Lisa Bernstein and Chu-chueh Cheng. State University of New York (SUNY) Press. (forthcoming)

2013. “Chapter 9: Governance on the Production of Identity: Consuming Western High-Culture in Contemporary 上海 [shàng hái or Shanghai]” in China and the Humanities: At the Crossroads of the Human and the Humane. (Ed). Kang Tchou. Melbourne: Common Ground Publishing. Pp. 161-88.

2009. “Governance on the Production of Identity: Consuming Western High-culture in Contemporary Shanghai” in The International Journal of the Humanities, Vol.7, No.5:19-32.



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