ISF Research Fields

This page contains some examples of Interdisciplinary Research Fields. Research fields are dynamic bodies of knowledge that form and develop through a series of debates articulated around a given set of interdisciplinary topics, research questions, and theories.    Students coming from across the campus working in these fields have produced excellent scholarship. Although ISF students may pursue other research fields identified in consultation with ISF faculty and academic advisors, these ISF Research Fields provide models and resources about scholarly interests shared by many ISF students and associated faculty*.  The Research Fields found on this website are here to help ISF students identify their own research interests and customize their own research program and course of study. 

Each ISF Research Field includes a field description, selected titles of recent ISF Senior Theses, a list of relevant courses taught regularly at UC Berkeley (from which past students have constructed their Course of Study) and a list of campus resources, including in many cases a link to a Library Resource Page that aggregates many primary and secondary sources in the field.  

Students are encouraged to spend time studying these Research Fields, to prepare their own research questions, and to begin to assemble a list of courses on campus that will help them develop their own research program. They should then visit an ISF academic advisor to further discuss their Research Program and Course of Study.

*Faculty research interests can be identified via the UCB Faculty Expertise Database: