Course Threads

The Interdisciplinary Studies Program is proud to host COURSE THREADS, Developed by the Townsend Center for the Humanities.

Course Threads allow Berkeley undergraduates to explore themes and issues connecting courses across departments and disciplines. Without taking on a new major or minor, and without even majoring in ISF, students can pursue one of the specific course threads curated by the ISF major.

Course Threads allows students to draw substantive connections within their curriculum, and develop both breadth and depth of knowledge about particular themes.

Following a thread is easy: over the course of their studies at Berkeley, students enroll in at least three courses tagged in the course catalog as part of a particular Course Thread. Students may then wish to participate in a semester-end symposium at the Townsend Center to receive a certificate of completion of their thread.

For further information, contact Associate Director Rakesh Bhandari