Shreeharsh Kelkar

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
269 Evans Hall

Dr. Kelkar is interested in the history and anthropology of computing, work, and expertise in the 20th century. Using the software infrastructures being built for Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) as a lens, his dissertation shows ethnographically how computer scientists and their regime of expert knowledge are re-configuring notions of educational expertise.


Working Papers

2016 “Making a Platform: Visions, Organization, and the Transformation of Roles” available at
2016 “Reconfiguring Educational Expertise: MOOCs, Computer Scientists, and the Study of Learning” available at

Editor-Reviewed Articles

2014 “The MOOC as Laboratory: The Implications of A/B Testing in Higher Education,” American Anthropologist, 116(4): 829-38. Part of the “Vital Topics” forum Anthropology in and of MOOCs. Editor: Graham Jones.

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