New ISF Course! ISF 110: "How to do Social Research"

ISF 110:  "How to Do Social Research"

TuTh 10-12

214 Haviland Hall

4 units

Class # 67128


This will be a hands-on workshop. The course will open with Professor Quamruzzaman walking students through the research process behind some of his publications which include both pieces in the leading sociology and health journals in the world and his own book on politics in Bangladesh.

Professor Quamruzzaman will then guide you in collecting your own data for a research project and teach you how to analyze and present it.

ISF will allow you to include this course (ISF 110, Fall 2017) as either one of the six courses in your research program or as one of the theory and practice courses (ISF 100B-J).

The course will be an excellent supplement to ISF 189 or ISF 190, and is highly recommended for all current and intended ISF students. A few spots will be reserved for non-ISF majors. But slots will be limited to make sure the course can operate as a workshop.

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