Denise Herd

I have extensive experience in research on racial and ethnic differences in drinking patterns and problems.  I was part of a team of researchers conducting initial research on racial differences in drinking behavior in the first national survey of Black and Hispanic drinking patterns; received an National Institutes of Health First Award to examine the impact of cultural differences on African American and Caucasian drinking behavior; directed a large national study of alcohol-related social movements in inner city communities; and more recently have conducted a series of studies on the role of alcohol, drugs and violence in popular music.  I have authored a number of papers examining the role of culture and social class in explaining ethnic and racial differences in drinking behavior, particularly among African American women.  My recent work focuses on community mobilization regarding alcohol problems in inner city communities as well as studies on increases in depictions of alcohol and drugs in rap music and possible connections with marketing and commercial forces.  I am beginning several new research projects on racial and ethnic differences in drinking patterns.