Recent ISF Graduates

Kaitlin Kimmel

Disability Rights Education

Kaitlin Kimmel graduated in May 2014 with an area of concentration in Critical Medical Anthropology and Disability Studies. A 2012 Ronald E. McNair Scholar and a 2013 Haas Scholar, Kaitlin received a total of over $15,000 in grant funding to conduct two years of participatory ethnographic research on the first generation of adults living with complex congenital heart disease. Having finished her thesis "Heart Scars: How Adults Living with Complex Congenital Heart Disease Construct Their Life Trajectories and Identities in the Face of Uncertainty and Unknown... Read More

Elizabeth Kopaskie

Comparative Analyses of Social Power

Elizabeth Kopaskie graduated in May 2013 and will start working towards a Master's Degree in the Department of Social Welfare at the University of Washington in the Fall of 2015. Elizabeth's thesis was titled "Patient Empowerment: Promoting Biosocial Groups and Productivity in the Face of Biopower." It explored patient empowerment theories and protocols in England, Denmark, and the United States, and analyzed these protocols largely through the lens of Michel Foucault's theory of biopower. After graduation, she began working for Seneca Family of Agencies, a non-... Read More

Evianne Leidig

Postcolonialism and Modernity

Having graduated in Spring of 2014, Eviane then received her Master's at the University of Bristol in the UK before joining the newly founded Center for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo ( as their first PhD fellow this autumn. Her research project,... Read More

Mandolyn Ludlum

Education and Human Rights

Upon graduation in the Fall of 2015 Mandolyn was awarded the Quantedge Award for Academic Excellence which recognizes exceptional sustained academic excellence among senior students (i.e. those who have completed at least 90 units) with a GPA of 4.0 at the University of California, Berkeley. 

In Fall 2013, Mandolyn Ludlum transferred from Los Angeles Valley Community College to the University of California, Berkeley as a Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholar seeking to gain knowledge to create and facilitate a global children’s program. Inspired by the holistic approach of... Read More

Leilani Main

The Politics and Aesthetics of Public Space

Kelly Leilani Main graduated in Spring of 2014, and has been accepted for the Master's in Urban Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the Fall of 2016. After transferring to Cal in Fall of 2012, she worked extensively with the Olive Tree Initiative's efforts to bring a conversation around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to campus and developed the Art for Social Change deCal, a political printmaking workshop. After traveling to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan in the Summer of 2013, she became deepy interested in urban planning... Read More

Megan Majd

International Human Rights and Environmental Policy

After finishing her thesis on indigenous rights in a comparative context in 2014, Megan began as a John Gardner Fellow. Each year a total of six Fellows are selected, three from UC Berkeley and three from Stanford University. Megan’s internship goal was to change the culture around how people see issues related to environmental justice, by finding innovative ways to educate people and to change the systems that perpetuate problems associated with environmental justice through systematic policy change. 

Currently, Megan is working with the Natural Resources Defense Council. She... Read More

Mollie McDowell

Health and Medicine

Mollie who graduated in 2012 writes: “ISF allowed me to carve out my own path (a critical skill in ’the real world’), figure out what I was actually interested in and make every class count. I also double majored in art, where I found myself exploring the same themes I was studying in ISF. Immediately after school I moved to San Francisco, started freelancing in interior design and even became a house manager and innkeeper. After a year, I wanted to move back to health, so I interned at Rock Health, a full-service seed fund that supports startups working at the intersection of healthcare... Read More

Remy Mercer-Slomoff

Health and Illness

In 2014 Remy joined a cohort of 45 students in the UCSF Global Health Master's Program as a Master's student at the brand new Mission Bay UCSF campus. Remy is studying Global Health with an emphasis on reproductive health, breast feeding, contraception, and community health education in West Africa. 

After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2011, Remy spent many months traveling throughout South East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos). She rented an apartment on the island of Koh Chang, Thailand and became a Scuba Dive Master. She spent 4... Read More

Jeanina Hardman Miller

Migration Studies

Jeanina Hardman Miller was the recipient of ISF's Department Citation Award in 2010.  Coupled with a minor in Spanish, her ISF concentration culminated in an honors thesis titled "U.S. Guest Worker Programs: Agricultural Exceptionalism, the U.S. Labor Market, Enforcement, & Globalization.”  After graduation, Jeanina volunteered in a technical high school in Antofagasta, Chile through a Chilean Ministry of Education and United Nations Development Program initiative.  She subsequently served as an AmeriCorps Fellow in San Francisco Superior Court's... Read More

Devin Murphy

Samoan History and Geography

Devin will begin his Ph.D. work in Anthropology in 2017 at the University of Hawaii. Devin’s 2013 thesis, entitled "All Becomes One in the Basin of the Waterfall: Dialectics and Multiple Trajectories of Samoan History before the year 1900", explores the geopolitical history of Samoa, a remote Polynesian island chain, and was an honorable mention for The Library Undergraduate Prize in 2013.  The thesis explores the uneven development of capitalism throughout the South Pacific, challenges notions of Western historicization, and offers insight into the dialectical nature two historical... Read More